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My name is Tonya, and I've been around the print industry since 2013. I graduated from St Clair College's Graphic Design course with an Advanced Diploma, while already having a job as a Graphic Designer at a local charity, and raising my son. Within the 3 year course, you have to intern at a business in your specific field you're interested in. I had a real interest in print shops at the time, because I loved the thought of seeing the designs from beginning to end. So, I interviewed at a few places, but ultimately chose a local print shop to enter in. After the internship and graduating, the shop elected to keep me for a few months until they had no more work for me to do. I then freelanced for two years until I found another print shop to work at. I gained a lot of experience here, being the face of the shop and learning a lot about installation and customer relationships. But life gives you some choices, and I then moved to do retail design for 2 1/2 years until I had an amazing opportunity to run a print shop, my very first graphic job opened up! I ran this print shop from top to bottom for almost 2 years until coming to the realization, that apparel is my passion, and I wanted to own my own shop... so here I am! Welcome!

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