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Design Development

Sometimes, you just have an idea in your head or a rough sketch, and you are just not sure how it will turn out as a finished product. Be it for a gift for someone or starting up a brand for a new company, we will work together on it. Designing something personal can be made for many different things. A birthday shirt, a bridal party's attire, or even dog onesies! But don't think I just design apparel, I can help you with every project from start to beginning. Be it apparel or another form of print. My background is vast for the print industry, and I can also help design from a tradeshow booth, to your own vehicle graphics. We will start with a few sketches and make sure we start with a good foundation. We dance back and forth, making changes until we get to the final result you envisioned in your head. Till we reach something we are both proud of!

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